LabVIEW Architect Certificate shows the highest proficiency in application design and adminstration, as well as  the most competent and effective software development with LabVIEW.

Due to the passion we feel for this development software, there is no company team in Spain with a higher number of CLAs, which assures our clients that they will obtain the best possible result in their projects.

The certification exam challenges the developer to generate a software architecture to meet a set of high-level requirements in a maximum time of four hours.

Víctor González Huerta becomes the third LabVIEW Architect in our team, with a very high mark in his exam, approaching 85%.

At MLVC we have a strong commitment to the quality of all services we offer our clients, which, together with our passion for LabVIEW teaching and our conviction that the ability to communicate technical concepts is as important as developing or creating them, has urged all the members of our team to obtain the qualification of Certified Professional Instructor in LabVIEW (CPI). For that reason, we have become the company with the highest number of LabVIEW Certified Instructors in Europe.

The Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) Certification distinguishes individuals who are authorized to teach National Instruments courses. CPIs are the only professionals, in addition to the National Instruments engineers, authorized to teach NI courses.

The CPI certification exam means that not only the highest experience and technical knowledge in LabVIEW are assesed, but also communication and leadership skills.

For MLVC, this new step implies a new advance in our commitment to continuous improvement and increase of the quality of the services we offer our clients, making us one of the most reliable team in automation and processes with LabVIEW.

Getting the "Certified LabVIEW Architect" represents the highest level in the NI LabVIEW certification process.

It is obtained after taking an exam where, in a maximum of four hours, you must cover the requirements (100 to 140 requierments) of a fictitious project that tests the skills of communication between processes, the use of Advanced Architectures development and managing complex projects with LabVIEW.

With an impressive score of 95.2 / 100 in his exam, Daniel becomes the second person in Spain that obtains the highest certification in LabVIEW. Congratulations !!

LabVIEW User Group Meeting (LUG) are regular meetings created by users of LabVIEW community where recent advances in knowledge, development techniques, as well as business project that have been designed with LabVIEW and the latest trends in the art, are put together.
The purpose of these meetings is primarily to share and promote peer learning LabVIEW among users, and also to have fun and share experiences with colleagues.
The LabVIEW User Group Meetings are widespread in Central Europe and the USA but unfortunately in our country we do not yet have one. We believe it is important to promote this type of activity, so today together with National Instruments Spain we have taken the first steps in order to hold a LUG in Spain in a near future.