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LabVIEW Architect Certificate shows the highest proficiency in application design and adminstration, as well as  the most competent and effective software development with LabVIEW.

Due to the passion we feel for this development software, there is no company team in Spain with a higher number of CLAs, which assures our clients that they will obtain the best possible result in their projects.

The certification exam challenges the developer to generate a software architecture to meet a set of high-level requirements in a maximum time of four hours.

Víctor González Huerta becomes the third LabVIEW Architect in our team, with a very high mark in his exam, approaching 85%.

<![CDATA[Murmann LabVIEW Consultants becomes the company with the highest number of LabVIEW Certified Professional Instructors in Europe with the recent certification of David Pérez Calleja. Congratulations David!!]]>Mon, 29 Jan 2018 12:01:32 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2018/01/murmann-labview-consultants-becomes-the-company-with-the-highest-number-of-labview-certified-professional-instructors-in-europe-with-the-recent-certification-of-david-prez-calleja-congratulations-david.htmlPicture
At MLVC we have a strong commitment to the quality of all services we offer our clients, which, together with our passion for LabVIEW teaching and our conviction that the ability to communicate technical concepts is as important as developing or creating them, has urged all the members of our team to obtain the qualification of Certified Professional Instructor in LabVIEW (CPI). For that reason, we have become the company with the highest number of LabVIEW Certified Instructors in Europe.

The Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) Certification distinguishes individuals who are authorized to teach National Instruments courses. CPIs are the only professionals, in addition to the National Instruments engineers, authorized to teach NI courses.

The CPI certification exam means that not only the highest experience and technical knowledge in LabVIEW are assesed, but also communication and leadership skills.

For MLVC, this new step implies a new advance in our commitment to continuous improvement and increase of the quality of the services we offer our clients, making us one of the most reliable team in automation and processes with LabVIEW.

<![CDATA[European CLA Summit 2017 in Vienna]]>Tue, 14 Mar 2017 20:49:43 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2017/03/european-cla-summit-2017-in-vienna.htmlPictureDmitry Sagatelyan presentation (Arktur Technologies)
One more year National Instruments celebrates in Europe the CLA Summit, this time in Vienna from 7 to 9 March. The Summit is an annual meeting point for all LabVIEW architects in Europe, this year more than 170 people and overcoming the previous year in Berlin in number of attendees ... (to continue reading click on read more) ...

This year, the CLA Summit had a lot of interesting presentations such as "Using LabVIEW Securely over the Internet" by James McNally (Wiresmith Technology), "Technical Debt Vs Technical Wealth" by Fabiola De la Cueva (Delacor), "Pushing Risk Forward: Mitigation and Judgement case studies" by Steve Watts (SSDC), "VI Macros in LabVIEW 2017" by Jeff Kodosky (National Instruments), "When Software Actors Rebel Against Autocratic, Socialist Programmers" by Stephen Loftus-Mercer (National Instruments ), "Architecting for Code Reuse" by Dmitry Sagatelyan (Arktur Technologies) and "Flatline: Flat-style customized controls" by James Powell (JDP Science).

Steve Watts presentation (SSDC)
Fabiola De la Cueva presentation (Delacor)
Some other interesting presentations in the Summit talked about systems security and LabVIEW, ongoing integration with Veristand, discussions on the issues and challenges for business growth related to LabVIEW, the creation of the new LabVIEW Excellence Certification Center Created by National Instruments. Some of the presentations on the last day were also interesting, they focused on discussing the next steps of National Instruments in the evolution of its software LabVIEW.

With Richard Thomas (Thoric Solutions founder) and Karin Hellqvist (DVel AB cofounder)
With Stephen Loftus-Mercer (R&D Software Engineer at National Instruments Austin)
This year Murmann LabVIEW consultants had the opportunity to present at the CLA Summit Europe during the 7x7 sessions. Daniel Murmann presented "Solving the Challenges in LabVIEW Quick Drop Implementations" which showed the operation of a Quick Drops template creation in LabVIEW, with very good welcome and interest from our European colleagues. This template allows you to accelerate and automate the sometimes tedious process of creating Custom Quick Drops in LabVIEW.

With Jack Dunaway (Principal Systems Architect at Wirebird Labs LLC), Elijah Kerry (Principal Product Marketing Manager at National Instruments) and Martin Müller (LabVIEW Architect at NXP Semiconductors Hamburg)
With Cesar Verdejo (European Training and Certification Manager de National Instruments) tourism at Vienna
This event has also given us the chance to meet the new Spanish CLAs, as this year the number has grown a lot and we are already twelve. Congratulations to all of them!.

Once again the Summit has been an extraordinary event, where you can discuss with European colleagues the latest trends in software architectures and developments, get back in touch with old friends and meet new people who share our passion for LabVIEW. We are proud to be part of this CLAs community, which continues to grow every year. See you next year!.
<![CDATA[Murmann LabVIEW Consultants is selected as the Alliance Partner of the year 2016 by National Instruments]]>Wed, 05 Oct 2016 17:26:39 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2016/10/murmann-labview-consultants-is-selected-as-the-alliance-partner-of-the-year-2016-by-national-instruments.htmlPicture
Murmann LabVIEW Consultants attended to the annual reunion of Alliance Partners organized by National Instruments in “Parador de Carmona” (Sevilla). 

This time we had the great pleasure and honor to be selected as Alliance Partner of the year 2016. We appreciate to be rewarded for our passion for LabVIEW and our constant work in cooperation with National Instruments. This award will give us strength to continue making Murmann LabVIEW Consultants a better company every day. 

Thank you!

<![CDATA[Victor Gonzalez: new certified developer (CLD) and certificated instructor (CPI) at Murmann LabVIEW Consultants]]>Fri, 13 May 2016 15:50:30 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2016/05/victor-gonzalez-new-developer-and-certificated-instructor-at-murmann-labview-consultants.htmlPicture
This week we are glad to announce new certifications within Murmann LabVIEW Consultants team. Victor González Huerta has successfully passed the LabVIEW Developer (CLD) exam with a 92% grade.

Moreover, he had the pleasure to attend to Certified Professional Instructor preparation session at National Instruments offices in Horsholm (Denmark) where it was certified as CPI. We look forward to see you soon at any of the future LabVIEW courses.

<![CDATA[MLVC attends to NI Days 2016]]>Thu, 21 Apr 2016 21:09:41 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2016/04/ni-days-2016.htmlPicture
One more year, Murmann LabVIEW Consultants attends to NI Days in Madrid where it was invited to participate in the first Allianz Partners meeting behind closed doors. In 2016, the conference main topic was IoT technology (Internet Of Things) and the new posibilities and challenges ahead for the next 10 years. Murmann LabVIEW Consultants will be excited to address those with the same illusion as always.

<![CDATA[European CLA Summit 2015 in Rome]]>Mon, 20 Apr 2015 17:29:06 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2015/04/european-cla-summit-2015-in-rome.htmlPictureJeff Kodosky (LabVIEW creator) presentation.
Every year National Instruments holds CLA Summit in United States and Europe. This year, European Summit took place in Rome from April 13th to 16th and we have been lucky enough to attend. This is an event for all labview architiects around the world to meet, to discuss, to exchange points of view, as well as networking...(click on Read More to continue reading).

It is also a great opportunity to meet R&D National Intrumentes engineers who are developping the next labVIEW versions. It is possible to offer them our feedback about everyday intensive working with LabVIEW.
James Powell presentation.
Dimitry Sagatelyan presentation.

It was an incredible experience and we could talk to worldwide LabVIEW gurus such as: Jim Kring, Steve Watts, Fabiola de la Cueva, Dimitry Sagatelyan, Stephen Loftus-Mercer, Jack Dunaway, James McNally, Richard Thomas....among others. They not only have awesome knowledge about LabVIEW but they are also great people.
Fabiola de la Cueva presentation.
With Jim Kring (JKI founder).
We had the privilege of attending to Jeff Kodosky (LabVIEW creator) presentation, where he anounced in advance some of the functionalities of the new version of LabVIEW 2015.
With James McNally.
With Ohaiofudu Israel and Jorn Deruyck.
The presentations were really interesting, with subjets such as: Actor sytems, PPLs, hardware abstraction, applying agile OO design principles, LV and classic design patterns, the future of certifications, LabVIEW and the Web, LabVIEW consultancy and clients relationships, complex systems simplification...most of them were intense and with a high technical level. We could also enjoy a little collective code review, where Richard Thomas dared to show his own code to be evaluated by more than a hundred Labview Architects.
With James Powell and Steve Watts.
Tourism in Rome. Piazza San Pietro (Vaticano).
As a conclusion, it was a remarkable event. Above all, we want to emphasize the human quality of all the people who make the CLA Community and the enjoyable time we shared toghether in Rome, during meal meetings, dinners, and informal conversations at the hotel. We will definitely repeat next year and we hope we shall meet everyone again.
<![CDATA[Daniel Murmann gets the Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) NI Certification]]>Fri, 09 Jan 2015 08:52:53 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2015/01/daniel-murmann-gets-the-title-of-certified-labview-architect-cla.htmlPicture
Getting the "Certified LabVIEW Architect" represents the highest level in the NI LabVIEW certification process.

It is obtained after taking an exam where, in a maximum of four hours, you must cover the requirements (100 to 140 requierments) of a fictitious project that tests the skills of communication between processes, the use of Advanced Architectures development and managing complex projects with LabVIEW.

With an impressive score of 95.2 / 100 in his exam, Daniel becomes the second person in Spain that obtains the highest certification in LabVIEW. Congratulations !!

<![CDATA[NIWeek 2014 takes place in Austin]]>Sun, 03 Aug 2014 16:53:06 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2014/08/niweek-2014-takes-place-in-austin.htmlPicture
As most of you know, worldwide conference NI Week 2014 is taking place in Austin during this week. It is the largest event of its kind organized by National Instruments: a gathering for National Instruments engineers, developers, users and LabVIEW gurus where the latest innovations in the field of NI products are introduced.

There you can attend 220 technical sessions, many presentations of cases of study, courses, certification tests, conferences focused on certifications, awards for LabVIEW applications, parties and live music where you can do networking and meet other users or developers.

This year, we have NIWeek 2014 Application available for Android or IOs so that it will be possible for you to know the agenda and attend to those events of your interest. At the same time it will give you information about the latest news of the conference. You can find it at App Store or Android Market.

As for the most remarkable events of this year conference, there is a Programming Challenge for LabVIEW Champions where they will be given some specifications and they will have to find the solution as fast as possible. It will be funny to see LabVIEW gurus brainstorming and developing witty architectures to get to a solution.

We can also mention here some outstanding presentations. Jeff Kodosky, the LabVIEW creator, will talk about the new projects in which he is involved and the trends in future LabVIEW updates. Another interesting presentation will be focused on “how to become a fast and efficient LabVIEW programmer”, by Darren Nattinger, who will give us some tips and tricks about using Quick Drops and the new autowire functionality in LabVIEW 2014.

Other remarkable presentations will treat on object oriented programming, design patterns and embedded systems programming. User Interfaces and good programming practices, as a key aspect in software development, will also be discussed. As it would be difficult to attend to all of them it is recommended to schedule out in advance those you are most interested in.
There will take place some academic forums where teachers and engineering students from around the world will show their innovative designs, from biomedical systems to autonomous submarine vehicles. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dynamical Systems from University of Texas will teach a course about experience on modeling, analysis, simulation and control with LabVIEW. Its Department of Biochemical Engineering will show how they use LabVIEW for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications in real time.

As in previous years, you will find the famous “Coding Challenge” with new challenges and you will see who gets the title of fastest LabVIEW programmer of the year. Furthermore, NI Engineering Impact Awards will be presented, as a reward to the most innovative applications using LabVIEW among 300 users from 29 different countries.

Certification exams will be made for CLAD, CLD, CLA and CLED as well as training courses and support material for the exams preparation.

It is important not to forget about the third-party products for LabVIEW: development libraries or new hardware that will surely enhance the experience of using National Instruments products.

In addition to this, people often go to NIWeek for socializing and as a meeting point. You cannot miss its meals and parties with live music, such as the NIWeek kick off happy hour, NI Community Block Diagram or the famous annual party: NIWeek Party Conference, where you will meet NI Engineers, Alliance Partners, LabVIEW Champions, work colleagues and friends attendees having a good time in a friendly atmosphere.

That is why it is a hundred percent recommended event, it is quite a show within the scope of LabVIEW. Should it be not possible for you to attend this year, we do encourage you not to miss it next year.
<![CDATA[Murmann LabVIEW Consultants promotes together with National Instruments the first User Group Meeting in Spain.]]>Mon, 09 Jun 2014 09:35:48 GMThttp://murmannlabviewconsultants.com/4/post/2014/06/murmann-labview-consultants-promotes-together-with-national-instruments-the-first-user-group-meeting-in-spain.htmlPicture
LabVIEW User Group Meeting (LUG) are regular meetings created by users of LabVIEW community where recent advances in knowledge, development techniques, as well as business project that have been designed with LabVIEW and the latest trends in the art, are put together.
The purpose of these meetings is primarily to share and promote peer learning LabVIEW among users, and also to have fun and share experiences with colleagues.
The LabVIEW User Group Meetings are widespread in Central Europe and the USA but unfortunately in our country we do not yet have one. We believe it is important to promote this type of activity, so today together with National Instruments Spain we have taken the first steps in order to hold a LUG in Spain in a near future.