As most of you know, worldwide conference NI Week 2014 is taking place in Austin during this week. It is the largest event of its kind organized by National Instruments: a gathering for National Instruments engineers, developers, users and LabVIEW gurus where the latest innovations in the field of NI products are introduced.

There you can attend 220 technical sessions, many presentations of cases of study, courses, certification tests, conferences focused on certifications, awards for LabVIEW applications, parties and live music where you can do networking and meet other users or developers.

This year, we have NIWeek 2014 Application available for Android or IOs so that it will be possible for you to know the agenda and attend to those events of your interest. At the same time it will give you information about the latest news of the conference. You can find it at App Store or Android Market.

As for the most remarkable events of this year conference, there is a Programming Challenge for LabVIEW Champions where they will be given some specifications and they will have to find the solution as fast as possible. It will be funny to see LabVIEW gurus brainstorming and developing witty architectures to get to a solution.

We can also mention here some outstanding presentations. Jeff Kodosky, the LabVIEW creator, will talk about the new projects in which he is involved and the trends in future LabVIEW updates. Another interesting presentation will be focused on “how to become a fast and efficient LabVIEW programmer”, by Darren Nattinger, who will give us some tips and tricks about using Quick Drops and the new autowire functionality in LabVIEW 2014.

Other remarkable presentations will treat on object oriented programming, design patterns and embedded systems programming. User Interfaces and good programming practices, as a key aspect in software development, will also be discussed. As it would be difficult to attend to all of them it is recommended to schedule out in advance those you are most interested in.
There will take place some academic forums where teachers and engineering students from around the world will show their innovative designs, from biomedical systems to autonomous submarine vehicles. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dynamical Systems from University of Texas will teach a course about experience on modeling, analysis, simulation and control with LabVIEW. Its Department of Biochemical Engineering will show how they use LabVIEW for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications in real time.

As in previous years, you will find the famous “Coding Challenge” with new challenges and you will see who gets the title of fastest LabVIEW programmer of the year. Furthermore, NI Engineering Impact Awards will be presented, as a reward to the most innovative applications using LabVIEW among 300 users from 29 different countries.

Certification exams will be made for CLAD, CLD, CLA and CLED as well as training courses and support material for the exams preparation.

It is important not to forget about the third-party products for LabVIEW: development libraries or new hardware that will surely enhance the experience of using National Instruments products.

In addition to this, people often go to NIWeek for socializing and as a meeting point. You cannot miss its meals and parties with live music, such as the NIWeek kick off happy hour, NI Community Block Diagram or the famous annual party: NIWeek Party Conference, where you will meet NI Engineers, Alliance Partners, LabVIEW Champions, work colleagues and friends attendees having a good time in a friendly atmosphere.

That is why it is a hundred percent recommended event, it is quite a show within the scope of LabVIEW. Should it be not possible for you to attend this year, we do encourage you not to miss it next year.


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