PictureDmitry Sagatelyan presentation (Arktur Technologies)
One more year National Instruments celebrates in Europe the CLA Summit, this time in Vienna from 7 to 9 March. The Summit is an annual meeting point for all LabVIEW architects in Europe, this year more than 170 people and overcoming the previous year in Berlin in number of attendees ... (to continue reading click on read more) ...

This year, the CLA Summit had a lot of interesting presentations such as "Using LabVIEW Securely over the Internet" by James McNally (Wiresmith Technology), "Technical Debt Vs Technical Wealth" by Fabiola De la Cueva (Delacor), "Pushing Risk Forward: Mitigation and Judgement case studies" by Steve Watts (SSDC), "VI Macros in LabVIEW 2017" by Jeff Kodosky (National Instruments), "When Software Actors Rebel Against Autocratic, Socialist Programmers" by Stephen Loftus-Mercer (National Instruments ), "Architecting for Code Reuse" by Dmitry Sagatelyan (Arktur Technologies) and "Flatline: Flat-style customized controls" by James Powell (JDP Science).

Steve Watts presentation (SSDC)
Fabiola De la Cueva presentation (Delacor)
Some other interesting presentations in the Summit talked about systems security and LabVIEW, ongoing integration with Veristand, discussions on the issues and challenges for business growth related to LabVIEW, the creation of the new LabVIEW Excellence Certification Center Created by National Instruments. Some of the presentations on the last day were also interesting, they focused on discussing the next steps of National Instruments in the evolution of its software LabVIEW.

With Richard Thomas (Thoric Solutions founder) and Karin Hellqvist (DVel AB cofounder)
With Stephen Loftus-Mercer (R&D Software Engineer at National Instruments Austin)
This year Murmann LabVIEW consultants had the opportunity to present at the CLA Summit Europe during the 7x7 sessions. Daniel Murmann presented "Solving the Challenges in LabVIEW Quick Drop Implementations" which showed the operation of a Quick Drops template creation in LabVIEW, with very good welcome and interest from our European colleagues. This template allows you to accelerate and automate the sometimes tedious process of creating Custom Quick Drops in LabVIEW.

With Jack Dunaway (Principal Systems Architect at Wirebird Labs LLC), Elijah Kerry (Principal Product Marketing Manager at National Instruments) and Martin Müller (LabVIEW Architect at NXP Semiconductors Hamburg)
With Cesar Verdejo (European Training and Certification Manager de National Instruments) tourism at Vienna
This event has also given us the chance to meet the new Spanish CLAs, as this year the number has grown a lot and we are already twelve. Congratulations to all of them!.

Once again the Summit has been an extraordinary event, where you can discuss with European colleagues the latest trends in software architectures and developments, get back in touch with old friends and meet new people who share our passion for LabVIEW. We are proud to be part of this CLAs community, which continues to grow every year. See you next year!.


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